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Guided Fly Fishing in West Georgia






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Stripers on the Hooch

We fish the river between Atlanta and Columbus - this section is dotted with lakes, but there are over 60 miles of river between them. The stripers like a current, and we like fishing the rocky shallows via our jet-powered skiff.  We fish year-round - the best fishing is probably in the winter, but we even catch them in the heat of the summer.


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Callaway Gardens


Callaway is a family resort, a botanical garden, a nature preserve, a golf resort, host to the Master's Water Ski tournament, and much more. Most important are 14 lakes filled with bass, bream, even trout in the winter!


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"Alternative" Species


Not for the traditional fly angler perhaps but this is plenty of fun. Without a trip to the coast (or some Hooch stripers), there's nothing in these part parts that will eat a fly and bend you rod like carp and gar.

Here's some gar tales...





Shoal Bass on the Flint River 


The Flint is one of only 40 rivers in the US that runs over 200 miles without a dam. Its fishery for the rare shoal bass is even more  unique river. The shoal bass looks and fights like a smallmouth but acts like a trout. We fish the central section of the Flint where it's rocky and shallow, the preferred habitat for the shoal bass.

We also have a few small streams whose names we cannot divulge that offer great fishing for the shoalies. In addition to the shoal bass, the Flint and these other streams support a healthy population of red-breasted (longear) sunfish.


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