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The Bead Butt

(aka, the "Jennifer Lopez")



Bream are one of my favorite species. Rubber legs are killer for them, as are smaller nymphs fished as a dropper behind a topwater popper ("popper & dropper"). With rubber legs however, the sunfish often tend to grab rubber legs and run, without actually taking the hook. And droppers behind poppers often foul on less than perfect casts.


The "Jennifer Lopez" eliminates both problems. The weight in the butt of the fly it tends to make the fly true in the cast. And if the bream nips the legs, he'll find the hook.

  • Hook - 2xl or 3xl nymph

  • Thread - 6/0

  • Bead - glass or gold

  • Legs - flat silicone rubber legs

  • Body - fine vernille

Side bead onto hook & insert in vise. Start the thread on the hook shank about a hook gap in front of hook point. Make half a dozen wraps toward the eye. Fold four 1" long rubber legs over thread and wrap on hook , being sure to let legs surround the hook shank. Fold the forward-facing legs legs back and bind down with increasingly tight thread pressure. The legs will flare around and beyond the hook point. The wraps should be kept to a minimum so that the bead can slide back to cover the wraps. Half-hitch and cut the thread and slid the bead back, covering the leg tie-in. Reattach the thread at hook eye, wrap back to bead, tie in the vernille, return thread to front. Wrap the vernille as body, tie off and whip finish. Trim the legs so they extend just to cover the hook point.


Drop the Bead-Butt from the bend of your popper on 12-30" of tippet. Work in slight twitches with lots of hesitation. Occasionally I like to use a long slow pull - the topwater will wake across the surface and the Bead-Butt will rise toward the surface. On the stop the Bead-Butt falls , hook-point first with the legs wiggling. This is probably when the fish will take.


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