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April 17 Shoal bass time on the Flint is here. We've had some good days at 3-MileShoals already this year - the only trick has been getting on between the higher water levels from regular rains.

March 26 It's getting good - appears the fish are firmly committed to the move now with the approaching full moon. We're fishing mainly on down south on the river as the upper portions are still seeing lots of mud. With a mix of all the striped fish, along with some skipjack, it's been some kind of fun. The hybids are big this year, and so are the skipjack. But thehybrid and stripes have been eating so good, we haven't targeted skipjack much (though a number have eaten the strioer flies.


March 11 Crazy weather has had it happening early this year. Now we're picking days between cold snaps and heavy rains. But it's good.

Skipjack are a favorite this time of year.

An absolute hoot on 3 & 4-wt rods.

Buck grins smugly as he outfishes boat downriver slinging hardware for white bass. ;-)

He also knows how to have a good time downtown at night.

Striper in 15000 cfs warmed Paul up pretty quick.

And me too!



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