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Where We Fish







The Flint is one of only 40 rivers in the US that runs over 200 miles without a dam. Its fishery for the rare shoal bass is even more  unique river. The shoal bass looks and fights like a smallmouth but acts like a trout. We fish the central section of the Flint where it's rocky and shallow, the preferred habitat for the shoal bass.

We also have a few small streams whose names we cannot divulge that offer great fishing for the shoalies. The Flint and these other streams also support a healthy population of red-breasted (longear) sunfish.

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   Chattahoochee Stripers

We fish the river between Atlanta and Columbus - this section is dotted with lakes, but there are over 60 miles of river between them. The stripers like a current, and we like fishing the rocky shallows via our jet-powered skiff.  We fish year-round - the best fishing is probably in the winter, but we even catch them in the heat of the summer.

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"Alternative" Species



Not for the traditional fly angler perhaps but this is plenty of fun. Without a trip to the coast (or some Hooch stripers), there's nothing in these parts that will eat a fly and bend your rod like carp and gar.


Carp are one of the toughest fish to entice with a fly, and gar are one of the toughest fish, period. They both grow big and pull hard. If you want to test your skills,


Carp  and  Gar..






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About Your Guide

After growing up in western SC and frequenting the trout streams of NC and north Georgia, Kent moved to west Georgia about 30 years ago. Finding no trout thereabouts, he began seeking various warmwater species with the fly rod. It turned out there were plenty willing to eat a fly...and many were at least as much fin as trout!

After several years of guiding part-time, Kent apparently had a late mid-life crisis in 2001 and became a full-time fly fishing guide. He has fished the streams and lakes of southeast for over 40 years. His fly fishing experience ranges from the Northwest to the Caribbean to the South Pacific.

A Federation of Fly Fishers-certified instructor, he is available for casting and fly-tying instruction. His articles have appeared in national and regional fly fishing and outdoor magazines, and he is a member of the Georgia Outdoor Writers Association.

Kent has served as vice president of the Flint River Chapter of Trout Unlimited, and was selected as the Southeastern Council Federation of Fly Fishers 2007 Man of the Year and 2013 Fly Casting Instructor of the Year
. He is an accomplished fly tier and tying instructor, and his fly patterns are sold and distributed both nationally and internationally. Kent has also worked as a representative for a number of well-known fly fishing companies.





Effective May 1, 2022


1 or 2 anglers

Half-Day Guided Trip


Full-Day Guided Trip


Add for 3rd angler

$75 half-day, $100 full-day

*2 angler max for boat trips





Casting & Tying Lessons

1 or 2

$60 per hour, minimum 2 hours

All equipment and supplies are included, unless you prefer to use your own. Wear/bring appropriate clothing, hat, and polarized sunglasses. Lunch is provided for full-day trips.


*** Please note our COVID-19 protocols





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